My beginning point in treatment is the philosophy that people seek meaning in their lives. Internal and external conflicts, difficult experiences, and the trials and misfortunes of life interfere with this human process, resulting in depression, anxiety and panic, personality and relationship difficulties, and gender and sexuality issues. I work collaboratively with patients, with an emphasis on their individual needs, to help them find better ways to deal with trauma, loss, anger, and self-defeating, repetitious behavior patterns.

    I also believe that we all have the seeds for recovery embedded in our psyches. Psychotherapy and psychoanalysis work to enhance each person’s inner resources and self-understanding to create new coping strategies and relinquish problematic belief systems that interfere with interpersonal relationships and one’s own self-acceptance. The self-discovery that is the process and goal of psychotherapy and psychoanalysis enhances creativity and a life more fully lived.

    About Cynthia Lee, Ph.D.

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